Classic Games: Reborn!

There's a whole universe of digital entertainment out there these days. As the gaming market expands to cover all age brackets, classic pastimes are turned into apps and in-browser games, and older games from decades gone by are resurrected and reborn. Here's a look at a few of the best...


Chess is perhaps the uber-game, and was one of the first to be digitized; by the mid-1970's, it was possible to buy a dedicated chess computer! Today there are hundreds of options for chess geeks. Chess Free, by AI Factory, is a popular app with a pleasing wood-like design and 12 difficulty levels, so its good for beginners as well as experts. The latest release has a landscape mode, useful if you prefer to play on a tablet.


Bingo was once seen as a game for elderly folks, but (thanks in part to some clever marketing) today it's enjoyed by all age groups. It's simple to play, which makes it attractive to people looking for a quick fix of fun, and some sites have very popular chat rooms. Coral is one of the biggest, and offers new players a substantial bonus. There are downloadable Android and iOS apps as well as the ability to play in your browser.


Scrabble is another fantastic free app for classic board game fans, and developers Electronic Arts have done well to deal with the challenge from such competitors as Words With Friends. If you're a fan of the game already, you'll like the fact that if no-one wants to play, you can challenge the computer – though it's easy to find players online. As always, watch out for the geniuses who know every two-letter word in the dictionary...


Classic video games are being given a new lease of life as gamers from the 80's and 90's grow up and want to revisit their youth. Doom was one of the biggest games of all time, and responsible for countless hours of non-productivity in offices around the world. Now it's available as an app by ID Software, so you can blast away at monsters anywhere you like. The touchscreen controls take a little bit of getting used to.


Anyone who was a gamer in the early 90's will remember the slightly macabre Lemmings, in which players had to save the lives of as many of the little critters as possible before they threw themselves off the traditional cliff-edge. It's now available as a Windows 8 app from PCIO. The original look of the game, first released on the Amiga console, has been preserved. Control Miners, Bashers and Bombers as you try to save them all - you won't be able to!

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Added: 6 Jun 2014


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