Alpha Dog

Emile Hirsch, Anton Yelchin, Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone, Ben Foster, Bruce Willis, Shawn Hatosy, Dominique Swain, Lukas Haas, Olivia Wilde

When a young drug dealer by the name of Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch) kidnaps Zack Mazurka (Anton Yelchin), the 15-year-old brother of a man in debt to him, things don’t go according to plan. As he desperately tries to get the money owed to him, Johnny’s crew looks after Zack. Though a hostage, Zack is enjoying the excitement of his situation, blissfully unaware of the despair of his parents and his brother’s rage.

Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release
Logline: Story based on the life of Jesse James Hollywood, the youngest man to ever be on the F.B.I.’s most wanted list.
Genres: Drama and Crime/Gangster
Running Time: 1 hr. 57 min.
Release Date: January 12th, 2007
MPAA Rating: R for pervasive drug use and language, strong violence, sexuality and nudity.
Distributors: Universal Pictures Distribution, Universal Pictures
Production Co.: A-Mark Entertainment, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Studios: New Line Cinema
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Palm Springs, California, USA
Produced in: United States