Cyril Takayama

The master magician Cyril Takayama is quickly establishing himself as a new stars in Japan. In June of 2004 Cyril completed his third two-hour magic special in just two years for TV Tokyo and the response to his shows has been phenomenal.

In his latest magic special Cyril blew away viewers by bungee diving headfirst off a Las Vegas Hotel, sword in his hand, to successfully pierce a previously chosen card floating amongst a full deck in a pool of water below. Cyril’s magic is original, highly visual and stylish in its presentation and he is envied and admired among his magician peers.

Cyril does not limit his cutting-edge work to Japan. In the US Cyril is a member of Magic X Live, a group of 10 of the hottest young magicians in the world who quickly rip apart the outdated image of the rabbit and top hat magician and are changing the way we look at magic.

Born and raised in Hollywood California to an Okinawan father and French-Moroccan mother, Cyril first encountered magic at age 6 when a family friend took him to Las Vegas to see a magic show. He was immediately hooked and began to practice magic everyday, often to the dismay of his parents and teachers. As a young teenager Cyril was accepted into the youth program at California’s famous Magic Castle where, surrounded by his magic mentors, he began to gain skills that would help him to become a professional performer.

Cyril is an award-winning magician of the highest order. In 1994 F.I.S.M.(Federation International Society du Magique) awarded Cyril top prize in the Grand Illusion Category. It was this prestigious award, in what is known as the “Olympics of Magic” that broke Cyril onto the international stage.
Cyril is constant demand for live appearances all over the world and he carefully plans and crafts shows to fit the particular demands of each venue and the clients with whom he works.

In our modern technological world we encounter special effects and visual tricks in the media daily. What remains timeless is the sense of awe one experiences when presented face-to-face with phenomena that defy the laws of nature. The magic of Cyril inspires this awe.