Know The Story of Slot Machine Before Entering to Gambling World

Slot machine is one of the most popular games of sbobet, people always play for entertainment to have some fun. There is not doubt anymore that slot machine is one of the most popular games in the world you can play at the real casino or sites of sbobet. Many people try finding the ways to break that machine and hit the jackpot though it seems impossible since RNG controls everything about the payout. This game becomes one of the most popular products casino has since 1896 when the first machine was created by the genius Charles Fey.

Slot Machine of Gambling Online is Traditional Game from 1896

In 1896, Charles Fey developed his first slot machine called as Liberty Bell and nowadays, all slot machines in both real casino and gambling online site have the small common with the original one made by Fey from the size, method to play and shape. However, instead of being used to gamble, slot machine was created back then for amusement only and it is placed inside the cigar stores and also bars so people who came can try putting their coins for luck to get some money back.

Traditional machines have 3 spinning reels with 10 symbols on each reel. You can easily count and predict the winning you can get from old machine because there are not many symbols and reels there so it is very easy for you to compute. Traditional machine may give you around 1000 combinations that can happen in one machine and it gives you 750 of the prizes. It means, the house will win 250 units only for about 1000 spins people do on average. No need cheating machine at all to know the pattern.

Back then, there were many people who did cheat on the machine so they will lose less money by inserting the special wires, drilling the machine and stopping the reels or perhaps using fake coins to play. However, nowadays you can’t find it at all even just the single case of cheating because online slot machine will be maintained and controlled by RNG so you can’t get anything you want by cheating. You can get what you want by luck and when the machine wants to give you money, you can win it.

Years by years, slot machines don’t lost their popularity among all players in the world even when this game only gives you around 25% of odds. It means, slot machine has the smallest odds in the world among other casino games or all gambling games. Back then, you can only find few machines placed there but now, both real casino and Sbobet sites offers hundred or even thousand titles and types of slot machine after being changed and also developed so much.